About Us

About Us

Wholesale No. 05 is a platform for small wholesalers specializing in providing services to small and medium enterprises, especially e-commerce entrepreneurs. The platform, can buy all the current popular hot models and lower than another wholesale platform price and provide quality supply chain services. We provide direct purchase of products, product customization, and packaging customization of these different services. At the same time, the platform for small-batch transport difficulties is also here one-stop solution. Let the user enjoy the price and service of the first-class importer here.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic-related products, nails, cosmetic tools, wigs, jewelry, fashion clothes, sexy underwear, and other accessories. We focus on high-quality products, the supply of product manufacturers are large brand manufacturers to provide. Every day will update our products and ultra-low wholesale prices and high-quality products to provide all users with services.

Cosmetics-related products pay special attention to product safety and quality. Our product suppliers are manufacturers with both FDA and EU standards. Nail products, lipstick, Eye Shadow, Lip Gloss, foundation, makeup brush, and most of these brand-name products can be comparable in quality and brand-name products. Product color style updates can keep up with the trend of fashion.

We partner with jewelry, fashion apparel, and lingerie manufacturers to specialize in manufacturing and selling our products to their advantage. This enables us to offer a large number of fashionable styles that are novel and inexpensive.

Small and medium-sized enterprises, a good communication channel to better provide customers with goods and services. Feel free to leave a comment on our page. Click on the product and the order communication symbol to contact us.


Address: Room 2105 GYW2068 Trend Centre, 29 31 Cheung Lee Street Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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