Duties & Taxes

What are Duties and Taxes? Do I need to pay extra money for that? We can customized import taxes plan for you, just contact us.

What are Duties and Taxes?

The government usually requires shipping from other countries to pay additional taxes according to some considerations.

When you ship something to another country, you or your customer may be asked to pay additional duties and taxes before the shipment is delivered.

Here is a guide from DHL, you can read it for more information.

Do I need to pay extra taxes for my packages?

Our warehouses are located in China and India, so when you wholesale in Wholesale No.05, our packages will be shipped to you via DHL / UPS from China or India.

Which you paid with your order in Wholesale No.05 is not including the taxes.

You may be asked to pay the extra taxes for your packages. It all depends on your own country's customs policy. Please strictly abide by local laws and regulations.

You usually do not need to care about taxes. The courier company (DHL/UPS .etc) will contact you if you need to pay taxes for your package and they will guide you to finish the following steps.

If the package is returned or destroyed due to the consignee's refusal to pay customs duties, all the losses will be borne by the consignee.

How much taxes for my packages?

The final amount of taxes depends on the following two factors:

  1. The value we report with your order

  2. Your local taxes rate

You just need to pay the X% of the reported value as clearance and taxes.

Regarding "X%" [how many percent] is depending on your local customs policy.

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